Commission Info

Prices are estimated and most are negotiable. These are some rough guidelines that i use when quoting.

  • each additional character: +the price of one character in that style divided by 2. example: two characters full body color would be $210 (140 + (140/2))

  • strange/interesting poses/angles: +$30

  • solid color/simple pattern: Free

  • more complicated backgrounds: + $60 or more depending on complexity

  • I will do NSFW for double the price.


Portrait: $20 Waist-up: $30 Full Body: $40

Full Color:

Portrait: $100 Waist-Up: $120 Full Body: $140

Twitch Channel Art:

unique* emotes: $40 each.

template* emotes, sub badges, or panels: $20 each (minimum 3)

twitch panels: $25 - $40 depending on complexity

sub/bit badges: $25 each

All other channel art is priced by standard commission pricing.


template example.png
  • unique vs. template: unique means each emote is completely different. This is how all of my emotes have been so far. Template is a new, more affordable way to commission me for emotes. It means all the emotes have a base head design that is used for all of them. Only the facial expression is changed. See below for a quick sketch i did as an example:

I can apply this same method to panels and sub badges as well if you are interested, but each base requires a minimum order of at least 3. If you just want one or two, you have to pay the full $50 each. This is non negotiable.


  • I reserve the right to decline the sale of any commission

  • I will not accept requests to copy another artist’s style. If you don’t want it in my style, commission someone else.

  • No excessive gore

  • I’m bad at robotics/armor, so there will be a heavy markup if i even agree to do it

  • no furries/anthro (ears/tail/horns/etc. are ok)

  • if you want me to draw you or a specific person, you must provide several GOOD pictures of said person.

  • Each commission price will be determined situationally. These are just basic guidelines

  • All commissions are subject to being streamed, added to my portfolio/patreon, and merchandised. (prints, stickers, charms, etc. Will include name of commissioner in description/listings if desired) You may also merchandise any art I make for youyourself. Please let me know if you do, though, I like to collect things with my art on them. Please don’t sell my work if you didn’t commission it from me, though. If I find my work has been traced, I will not hesitate to expose you publicly.